As a member of the Mélies International Festivals Federation (MIFF), HÕFF is proud to host the international short film competition program and give out the Méliès d'Argent for the best short film. The receiver of the award will then be nominated for the best genre short film of the year that is awarded with the Méliès d'Or award.

Since 2015, HÕFF gives out a lifetime achievement award and an audience award. Among the recipients of the lifetime achievement awards are Tobe Hooper, Bill Rebane and Ben Wheatley, Harry Kümel and others. The award is a glow-in-the-dark 3D-printed howling wolf designed by Siim Tuksam.

From 2021, the festival awards the Best Sci-Fi Film chosen by the Estonian Science Fiction Association. Inspired by the 1979 film "Navigator Pirx" based on Stanisław Lem's short story, the award references a memorable scene in the film where one of the characters is revealed to be an android, re-imagined as a 3D-printed statuette by Estonian artist Karmo Järv.

Short Film Méliès d'Argent

2013: The Trap, dir Alberto Lopez (Belgium)
2014: Canis, dir Marc Riba and Anna Solanas (Spain)
2015: The Salt of the Earth, dir Jonathan Desoindre (France)
2016: The Black Bear, dir Mèryl Fortunat-Rossi and Xavier Seron (France, Belgium)
2017: Fucking Bunnies, dir Teemu Niukkanen (Finland)
2018: The Dark Room, dir Morgane Segaert (France)
2019: Bad Hair, dir Oskar Lehemaa (Estonia)
2020: Downs of the Dead, dir. Even Husby Grødahl (Norway)
2021: Hospital Dumpster Divers, dir. Anders Elsrud Hultgreen (Norway)
2022: Eyes On You", dir. Raoul Kirsima (Estonia)

Best Estonian Genre Film

2020: Eerie Fairy Tales, dir. Mart Sander
2021: Kratt, dir. Rasmus Merivoo
2022: Talent, dir. Silver Õun

Navigator Pirx Award for Best Sci-Fi Film

2021: The Following Year dir: Miguel Campana, France
2022: Loop, Pablo Polledri, Spain

HÕFF Audience Award

2012: Iron Sky, dir Timo Vuorensola (Finland/Germany)
2013: Omnivores, dir Oscar Rojo (Spain)
2014: In Order of Disappearance, dir Hans Peter Molland (Norway/Denmark)
2015: The Guest, dir Adam Wingar (USA)
2016: In Search of the Ultra Sex, dir Nicolas Charlet, Bruno Lavaine (France)
2017: Bad Black, dir Nabwana I.G.G. (Uganda)
2018: Snowflake, dir Adolfo Kolmerer and William James (Germany)
2019: One Cut of the Dead, dir. Shinichirô Ueda (Japan)
2020: The Mortuary Collection, dir. Ryan Spindell (USA)
2021: Justice 2, dir. Toomas Aria (Estonia)
2022: The Sixth Secret, dir. Mart Sander (Estonia)

HÕFF Lifetime Achievement Award

2013: Hideo Nakata (Japan)
2014: Tobe Hooper (USA)
2015: Sven Grünberg (Estonia)
2016: Karel Zeman, posthumous (Czechoslovakia)
2018: TV show Jupiter (Estonia)
2022: Gülnar Murumägi (Eesti)