Real estate horror explained - an interview with the makers of "Home owners"
Christof Uisk

Ana and Maxi find the home of their dreams. The house fulfills all their wishes and everything is beyond perfect. It all has a trade-off, though.
Spanish directors Pablo Aragüés and Marta Cabrera define how "Rosemary's Baby" has influenced their "Home Owners" - the first-ever real estate horror film at HÕFF. The screening includes QA with Pablo Aragüés.

I laughed quite a bit at the ,,Twin Peaks” reference - Pablo, you being the writer, I have
you to thank for that. Are you a big ,,Twin Peaks” fan?

How can’t I be? Yes, of course. It’s fundamental. I remember being the only kid that was allowed to
watch when it aired in ’91, in Spain. I was about 9 years old and every morning in the school bus I
told everyone what happened the night before. It was ground-breaking at the time and still is. ,,Twin
Peaks” is the only series I re-watched completely every decade (1990s, 2000s, 2010s).

So, you’re due another rewatch now, no?

Yes, I have to watch it another time now! But I’m still recovering from the ending of season 3. I
mean, probably it’s the best ending ever.

The movie has several references to ,,Rosemary’s Baby” (the book ,,All of Them Witches” by J.R.
Hanslet is in the opening and then Ana suggests that they watch it on TV). Is that one of your
favourite horror movies?

It was maybe our biggest reference. Our film has a very different tone, but at the end it’s a story
about a couple getting a new house and finding some sort of supernatural going on. Also the point of
view is set on the female characters in the two films, so that was also a important fact.


In Rosemary’s Baby, the christian families are against the main characters moving into the
apartment at Bamford. Here the families rather encourage it. Was it a deliberate choice to
remove the more religious elements?

,,Rosemary’s Baby” has, at least, a religious background (Satan), but here it was not intended. It
refers to Lucifer and that kind of stuff, but in a funny way. I don’t think we were serious and nobody
should take seriously that sort of things in our film.

I see. And how long have you had an interest in telling a modernised movie inspired Rosemary’s

Well, it’s one of my favourite films ever, so I have always wanted to do it. I mean… That ending. It’s a
great ending.

Yeah, while I was watching movie, I was wondering if you will take the ending to ,,Homeowners”
to such an extreme. But I won’t comment on it in case I spoil the movie for our readers. Are there
any other classic horror movies you would be interested in taking inspiration from?

Psycho is the one I have always in mind. I’d wish to make something with the oppressive atmosphere
of ,,Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. I mean that film has this vibe… I don’t think many filmmakers could
achieve that. I also like ,,The Shining”, -- instead of a horror film, Kubrick created a brilliant
family-disaster-explorative film.